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Electricians in Ennis, Montana

When hiring an electrician, you want to find someone who’s proficient, trustworthy, and gets the job done fast. At Slate Electrical, we’re all of that, and more! We’re dedicated to helping residents of Ennis, Montana and the surrounding areas get their electrical systems back on track. If you need residential electrical services, we have a team of licensed electricians who will come to you, and work to get your home’s electrical system up and running. Helping our clients is what we do best!

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Residential Services in Ennis, Montana

Our electricians stay up to date with city codes, taking care to wire your home efficiently and correctly. With residential services, we’re available to repair and maintain existing systems, or we can install new wiring for home renovations and remodels. Some of our most popular residential services include appliance and home security installations, energy efficient upgrades, heat restoration, computer cabling, and water heater installation, but our inventory doesn’t end at that!

Electrical Services We Provide:

As a family-run business, we promise that our technicians will treat your home with care and respect. We pride ourselves on our excellent service, and can’t wait to assist residents of Ennis, Montana in fulfilling all of their electrical needs. Contact us today to place your home in the hands of reliable and trustworthy electricians.

About Ennis, Montana

Home to blue-ribbon fly fishing and ranchers, Ennis MT is a small town that provides a tight-knit community to its 917 residents. With a beautiful view of the three nearby mountain ranges, and the Madison River, Ennis is a place where you can settle down and enjoy the rugged country.

Things to do in Ennis, Montana

Ennis Outdoor Art Tour

Madison Meadows Golfing

Spirit of the North Sled Dog Adventures

What is Ennis, Montana Known For?

Ennis is known for its outdoor art, which represents the ranching and cowboy history of its past. The town also hosts a popular fly fishing and outdoor festival in the summertime, bringing visitors from all around the region. 

How Far is Ennis from Bozeman?

Ennis is located 52 miles away from Bozeman, MT, making it roughly an hour and four-minute drive.

What River Runs Through Ennis, Montana?

The Madison River flows downstream from Ennis and is a popular fly-fishing area in late fall.