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Emergency Precautions

Our homes rely on electricity to keep us comfortable, so it’s easy to forget it can be dangerous. We offer home inspections to ensure you are prepared for any electrical emergency.

Safety Inspections

Safety is always our top priority when it comes to serving our customers in the Helena area. If you think your home might be suffering from faulty or outdated wiring, we’ll help you diagnose any safety concerns and discuss with you plans to rewire, if needed. It’s important to take preventative measures before a potential emergency happens. 

Types of Electrical Emergencies:

Our experienced electricians have dealt with many electrical emergencies. The most common include:

  • Extreme Weather – Heavy rainfall from storms can cause flooding. Standing water poses a significant risk of electrical shock. 
  • Household Fires – Many house fires are caused by defective wiring or wiring that is not up to code. 
  • Blackouts – Blackouts, or the downing of your power grid, can occur when there is a toppled powerline, earthquake, or fire in your neighborhood.
  • Power Overloads – When your circuit breaker becomes too outdated, or if you are surpassing its capacity by using too many appliances, your breaker box will become overloaded, possibly leading to an electric fire.

It’s not a matter of if these common emergencies happen to you, but when. We’ll make sure your home is able to face these obstacles head-on. 

If you do experience any of these emergencies, call our electricians right away for 24/7 emergency electrical repair service.

Slate Electrical is your ally in electrical safety. Emergencies can strike at any time – your only defense is to be prepared! Our electricians will make sure your home’s wiring is in excellent shape and prepared for any situation. Call 406-461-7374 to schedule a safety inspection today!