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Generator Installation

Losing power is never fun. In fact, it can become a dire situation if temperatures are dropping and food is going to waste. With the advent of portable, power, and standby generators, homeowners are able to minimize the disruption caused by sudden power outages. Let the experts at Slate Electrical help you find the right generator for you.

Professional vs. DIY Installation

Though generator installation may seem simple to a DIY-er, there are some important steps that our professional electricians are trained to take. Our electricians will make sure your generator is up to code and that wattage and wiring is correct so the transition happens seamlessly.

Once installed, it is essential to have a certified electrician test the generator and give the job a stamp of approval. Also, remember to have your generators checked on a regular basis for preventative maintenance. Don’t take a chance on such an important piece of equipment – trust the experts at Slate Electrical for generator installation!

At Slate Electrical, we care about the wellbeing of our community. We want to ensure our customers are prepared for anything, including unforeseen power outages. Ask about our generator installation services today!