Commercial Electrical Services

Slate Electrical specializes in commercial electrical services. We have licensed electricians with years of experience working with subdivisions, new construction, and commercial projects. The projects include retail stores, gas stations, fire halls, warehouses, mechanic shops, offices, coffee shops, and many more. New construction also means we do electrical work for ground-up builds or all stages of construction. Our commercial services offer and are not limited to renovations, energy-efficient upgrades, electric repair, lighting, and maintenance. You can rely upon our team of experts to work diligently to deliver our services on time to meet deadlines.

If you are looking for a commercial electrician, Slate Electrical is here for you.

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New Construction

Our experts have experience in electrical work for all stages of construction work. We will work with other teams to ensure all electrical work complies with state regulations and is up to code.


It can be very frustrating when experiencing an electrical issue. Faulty electric systems can interfere with schedules and lines of work. Our Slate Electric team is here to help diagnose the problem and promptly fix it!

Electric Vehicle Stations

As many new electrical vehicles enter the market, there's a demand for charging station installments. Our team of experts is here to help install plugs so your business or company can provide the charging stations your electrical vehicle drivers need.


We specialize in all types of commercial lighting. No matter how big or small the project may be. Our services are for both indoors and outdoors. We will work with you to provide the lighting exactly how you want it.


It is always a good idea to get your electrical systems maintained. Our team will give you the peace of mind of proper and efficient working systems to ensure no defaults in the near future.


It is exciting to upgrade a place and give it a fresh face. New lighting can do wonders and spark new passions and ideas. Our team can help guide which lighting is best to brighten the atmosphere.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

We highly recommend upgrading your systems to ensure the best lighting and efficiency, especially if your building needs a lot of illumination. In addition, it is best to consider modern, energy-efficient electrical equipment to keep costs down, and being an eco-friendly company or business is always a plus.
"Slate Electrical saved us from disaster in our new home build. I was very impressed and will be hiring them again to do more work in the future."
Outside view of modern home, all the indoor lights are on and there are solar panels on the roof

You can be confident that our licensed electricians from Helena, Montana, are here to help and work diligently to provide quality service the first time. Our electricians’ experience will ensure they will treat your commercial property with the utmost respect and take all precautions to leave the property better than they found it – while repairing, maintaining, or improving the electrical work. So, give Slate Electrical a call, and we will be more than happy to get you a consultation and provide a service at your earliest convenience.

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