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EV Plug Installation

As we continue to witness the increase in electric vehicles, we are also beginning to see the increased need for electric vehicle charging stations. Although more and more gas stations and fuel-up spots are offering charging ports, nothing beats the comfort of having an electric vehicle charging station in your own home. Here at Slate Electrical, in Helena, Montana, we have a team of licensed electricians who are here to install an EV charging system that works best for you. Never worry about an uncharged electric vehicle again!

There are different types of EV plug ins, which is why Slate Electrical is here to help with all stages of the installation process. We can also offer advice on which plug-in will work best for your electric vehicle. Many electric vehicles come with a standard 110-volt charging unit from their dealership of purchase. However, these units are among the slowest chargers, sometimes taking up to 24 hours to charge.

If you are looking for friendly electrical service you can trust – look no further!

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Hiring a professional electrician to install a 240-volt circuit can speed up the charging process by less than half of the time, so you never have to wait for your car to fully charge. Regardless of whether the EV plug in is located inside or outside of your home, we will evaluate your home’s electrical system, find the best places to install, and come up with a plan to accommodate your vehicle’s needs. You can rest easy before a long road trip, knowing our EV plug installations will have your vehicle on the road and ready to go as soon as you need it.

At Slate Electrical, we serve Helena, Montana and the surrounding areas for all EV plug installation needs, as well as our other electrical services. For more questions or information, reach us at 406-461-7374, or contact us to make an appointment.

Home garage with electric vehicle charger installed in the wall
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