Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Slate Electrical is proud to offer energy efficient upgrades to your Helena, Montana home. We care about the environment and work to help our customers to use less energy in their daily lives. By installing new energy-efficient electrical devices, you will be saving money on your electric bills as well as helping the earth!

Our expert technicians can assess your home’s electricity needs and provide a recommended plan to reduce your energy use by installing energy-efficient products. Replacing your lightbulbs with LEDs, installing timers, or setting dimmer controls on your lights are all small, simple ways you can reduce your everyday electricity use and create a greener home. These small changes will add up overtime and your wallet will thank you!

If you are looking for friendly electrical service you can trust – look no further!

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We also can recommend and install the best energy efficient appliances. Older household appliances such as HVAC systems, often use more energy than newer models. Upgrading your appliances can be a good investment in your home and a method to save money in the long-term. We can install all appliances and ensure they are wired correctly. All our electricians are licensed professionals and will complete all work up to code with Montana standards.

We believe in creating an energy-efficient strategy to reduce your everyday energy use and to save you money in the long run. If you are looking to reduce your environmental footprint and save money on your energy bills – call our team of expert electricians at Slate Electrical for energy efficient upgrades!

We are proud to be a family-run business providing energy efficient upgrades to our Helena, Montana community. We value honesty, efficiency, and sustainability and will work hard to make sure your home is as energy efficient as it can be. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions you may have about energy efficient options for your home.

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