Electrical Maintenance

Similar to regularly changing the oil in your car, your home’s electrical system requires proper maintenance to ensure it is running safely and efficiently. Our team at Slate Electrical will perform a system maintenance check on your home’s electrical system to discover and repair any small problems before they become significant, expensive electric issues. If you are experiencing an electrical emergency – don’t hesitate to give us a call!

If you are noticing a small recurring problem, such as a non-working outlet, a flickering light, or frequent blown fuses, it is important to act quickly before things escalate. Do not hesitate to call expert electricians with any questions you may have about your home’s electrical problems!

We are proud to serve our Helena, Montana community and we work hard to make sure homes in our community have safe and efficient electricity. Our licensed electricians will complete all jobs to meet Montana electrical code requirements. We value transparency, efficiency, and professionalism, and will always answer any questions you have about our work along the way. Our goal is to ensure you do not experience future electrical problems and to keep your home’s electricity running smoothly.

Outside view of modern home, all the indoor lights are on and there are solar panels on the roof

Electrical Maintenance Services We Provide:

  • Fuse Box Maintenance
  • Part Replacement
  • Lighting Systems
  • Broken Outlets
  • Energy Efficient Upgrades
  • And More!
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